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For Teens

Your Rights

We know the thought of being pregnant is overwhelming (click here for early pregnancy symptoms) for any woman but when you’re a minor you have questions about your rights. Can your parents or anyone force a decision on you? According to the law, a pregnant teen is considered to have the same rights as an adult when it comes to making decisions for their unborn child. That also means you have the responsibility to make the best decision you can for both of you. That’s where we can help. You have so many questions! But remember, they don’t have to be answered all at once. Take your time and be informed. First, we can offer a laboratory quality test to confirm the pregnancy. Then, we can help you get the facts you need to make your best decision. You deserve that.

Telling Parents

If you know you’re pregnant, one of the scariest thoughts can be how to tell your parents. Sometimes there’s one parent that’s easier to approach. In our experience, most parents that have been supportive up until then will go through a reaction phase with disappointment, anger, maybe unable to speak to their son/daughter for a time. But most, given some space, will come around and support their child.

We have also found that if you choose to parent, it helps to get some good information together on how you will continue your education and how you would help support yourself before sharing the news. Let’s face it, your parents are afraid too. Sometimes they fear they will be parents all over again when they thought they were almost done. We can help stand by you when you deliver the news if you want.

Abortion and Relationships

If you are considering an abortion, take the time to get the facts before you decide. Sometimes a girl or woman chooses an abortion because the father of the baby is not supportive and she fears losing him. She believes their relationship will be as it was before. But if she makes a decision to please someone else, the result can actually be the destruction of the relationship she was trying so hard to preserve.

Take time to consider what you really want for yourself and not what everyone around you wants. You have time.  You are the one ultimately who must live with the decision.