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For Guys

Your girlfriend or wife just told you that she is or thinks she is pregnant.  Now what?  You may be feeling overwhelmed by questions and feelings.  That is totally normal!  Remember, they don’t need to be answered all at once so take your time to be informed. We have trained volunteers waiting 24/7 to listen and help you find answers. If you prefer to talk to a man, that can easily be arranged.

So what are your options in this situation? According to the law, the decision is totally up to her.  In fact, she may or may not ask for your help or advice, but the decision she makes will affect both of you and of course your unborn child. The more you participate and educate yourself the better you will feel (now and years ahead) about your part in this very important decision.  We are here….with open ears, an open heart, and an open mind to help you both find your way.