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Giving birth to your baby.  This includes its own set of options. (We can refer to other agencies for legal advice.)

Parenting:  You can raise the baby yourself or have another family member raise the baby like your parents or another relative. 

Adoption:  Having the child and making an adoption plan is a third option.  There are 2 types. 

  • Open adoption is more common now.  You choose the parents for your child and along with them, decide how often you interact with them and the child.  This allows you to give the adoptive parents information about the child’s family history.
  • Closed adoption is much less common.  In a closed adoption, an adoption agency makes the arrangements choosing the child’s parents.  There is usually no contact between the birth mother and the adoptive parents or child.

Abortion: terminating the pregnancy is legal.  No one can keep you from having an abortion.  No one can force you to have an abortion even if you are less than 21 years old.