You think you are pregnant, but maybe you are unsure.

You may already understand your options but you want to be informed before making decisions that affect your health and the baby growing inside you. These are big decisions and we are here to listen and help you research, talk it out and make the choices that are weighing on you!

Here’s what you can expect on your FIRST visit to Birthright:

Free Pregnancy Testing

At your first visit to Birthright, you will be greeted by a friendly volunteer. If you think you are pregnant, you are welcome to a free pregnancy test. It’s so easy. We offer a urine-based, medical-quality pregnancy test to confirm that you are pregnant (or you may choose to provide proof with an ultrasound). We’ll get the result in just a few minutes. If you find out you are pregnant, we are here to help you get insurance and referrals to a doctor.

Friendly Counsel

We offer friendly counsel from our experienced volunteers. We cannot give professional counseling, but we have kind women here who can help you sort through the basic questions.

  • How do you feel about your pregnancy?
  • What options do I have?
  • Where will you and baby live?
  • What support will you need? from your family? From us?
  • What resources can you obtain to help you through?

We want to help alleviate concerns, particularly if your pregnancy is coming at a difficult time, is unplanned, or inconvenient. You may be fearful or anxious. We are here to help you sort through those feelings and find solutions to some of the challenges.

Maybe you are sure you are pregnant, you are delivering soon, but resources are stretched thin. Sometimes things get difficult, please know we are here for you even if you already have other children or your financial circumstances have changed for the worse.

Here’s what you can expect on your LATER visits to Birthright:

Baby Items and Diapers

At Tri-county Birthright we offer gently-used (and some new) baby clothes, accessories, toys and shoes for your newborn through 2 year olds. Have multiple children under 2? No problem. Each of them can receive these diapers and baby items on a monthly or as needed basis. Please call to pick up items you need today!

We can also help with obtaining cribs and car seats. or please call if you need help obtaining these important items.

Occasionally we have other items available. Follow us on Facebook for regular posts on these extras.

Friendly Counsel

Circumstances are ever-changing. We are always here to talk if you need a listening ear or a planning partner. If you need help at any time, we can make friendly connections for you to partnering organizations or help you to plan for your next step.

Make an appointment to talk today.