Free and Confidential Support

Tri-County Birthright offers free, confidential support to any woman who comes through our door. Whether you have an unexpected pregnancy, trouble at home, need post-abortion counseling or anything in between, one of our volunteers will be here to listen and help you through it.

Many of us are moms and have been through some tough times as well. We have helped many different women in their unique situations. Maybe you can relate:

  • This may be your first pregnancy, and you may have concerns or questions about how to navigate healthcare and delivery.
  • You may have had an abortion previously and this time you want to keep your baby.
  • You may have several children pulling on your resources and you need help this time to make ends meet.
  • You may be alone.
  • You may be surrounded by support, but you are single or not attached to the father and fear the reaction of family or others.

Whatever your story may be, Birthright’s doors are open to you. Our counseling room is a judgment free zone and the services, guidance, and education we provide are available to you. This service is provided in a loving way to each woman without any financial obligation necessary. You can come in monthly or when the need arises.

Make an appointment to talk today.